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Accurate Home Value Alternatives

Technology-Assisted Appraisals are the integration of

Technology, Process and Appraiser Expertise

to create a whole new valuation process and suite of valuation alternatives that provide a better value.

+ More Accurate

+ More Accurate

Make informed decisions with confidence and trust

+ More Alternatives

+ More Alternatives

Compliant valuation options produced by expert appraisers

+ More Affordable

+ More Affordable

Save time & money with more cost-effective options.

What makes them different?

We utilize a database-driven valuation platform and a perpetual process to dramatically reduce appraisal development times thru automation, to produce analytics and research not previously possible and to create innovative, new valuations products.

Four Options. One solution provider

Multiple options within four report categories to address all valuation needs. For some needs a short concise report is all that is needed and in other cases a more comprehensive report is required. Now,
you have alternatives tailored to your specific needs.

Automated Valuations

Automated Valuation Reports

Leverages proprietary valuation algorithms and appraiser refined real estate data to produce an instant, accurate property valuation.


Quick Valuation

Innovative condition-based
Evaluation Reports which comply with the Interagency Guidelines with options for appraiser assistance & inspection.

Technology Assisted


Technology & Process leveraged to produce appraisals that offer cost-effective options for all real estate valuation applications.

GSE Lending Appraisals

Traditional GSE

Lending appraisals produced with our technology-assisted valuation process with quantitative support and standardized results.

Alternatives for every valuation need

From automated values to expert appraisals, our suite of valuation solutions deliver the speed, accuracy and efficiency you need. Our reports are comprehensive and engineered for your specific business needs.

AUTOMATED Valuation Report
EVALUATION Quick Valuation Report
TECHNOLOGY ASSISTED ValuTech Report Exterior
EVALUATION Interactive Quick Valuation Report
TECHNOLOGY ASSISTED Valu Tech Report Interior
EVALUATION interactive QVR Plus Inspection

Choosing the right product for your needs

Designed to meet regulatory requirements while streamlining the development process to provide options at various price points, delivery times and content allowing you to choose the reports which best meet your needs.


Price Table


The AVR report leverages valuation algorithms and proprietary real estate data to produce an accurate, instant valuation.


The QVR report is created utilizing ValuTech’s innovative database-driven valuation process to produce a condition-based, automated evaluation report that complies with the interagency guidelines.


The Interactive QVR combines the local market expertise of an appraiser with the analytic capacity of our valuation models to produce a reliable, appraiser-assisted, semi-instant evaluation.


The interactive QVR enhanced with the compliance and credibility gained with an exterior inspection. The inspection results and appraiser selected comparables fuel valuation models to produce a condition-based evaluation designed to meet the requirements of the IAG.


The Desktop Appraisal Report meets the need for a lower cost, quick turnaround, appraiser-derived opinion of market value based the sales comparison approach. For fast access to the expertise and knowledge of an appraiser.


Based on the appraiser’s exterior view of the subject, the comparables and neighborhood, it provides a regulatory compliant appraisal in a concise format. An accurate alternative to BPO’s; 3rd party inspected valuations or a cost-effective alternative to a GSE drive-by appraisal.


The Interior Appraisal Report leverages technology, eliminates inefficiencies and perpetuates expertise to produce a professionally developed appraisal alternative. For all appraisal applications, outside of GSE loan origination.


The 2055 & 2075 GSE Form appraisals are exterior-inspection based valuations used for a single-family residential properties and condominiums. Typically, used by regulated institutions for home equity lines of credit.


The 1004 and 1073 GSE Forms are the most widely used appraisal reports for residential properties developed with an interior inspection. Used for mortgage origination and loan underwriting for loans being sold to the GSE’s (Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac).


The 1025 GSE Appraisal Form is used for multi-unit residential properties; based on interior inspections and three approaches to value. Used for mortgage origination and loan underwriting for loans being sold to the GSE’s (Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac).



When to Use

Use case scenarios and report selection considerations based on property type, neighborhood type and available information.


An automated valuation that works best for properties in conforming areas with lots of similar homes and consistent property values. It is less ideal for neighborhoods with a broad mix of homes and values or with characteristics like views, golf course frontage and acreage.


An instant evaluation which also works best conforming and active markets with more uniform or similar properties. It contains pictures of the properties so the reader can see if the comparables selected are similar in appeal; includes and a confidence score to assist in determining its reliability.


This semi-instant evaluation report where an appraiser with neighborhood expertise selects appropriate comparables for the valuation models to evaluate. This interaction improves accuracy and credibility. A better entry-level option for all properties especially ones in more diverse and less active neighborhoods.


This step-up evaluation incorporates the appraiser viewing the property before selecting the comparables which further elevates the reliability and compliance of the report. It allows for verification of important property attributes and other external influences. The more reliable of the evaluation report options for all property types.


The appraiser preforms their analysis relying on data from numerous sources; but, does not view the property. Most suitable when there is an abundance of property information from reliable sources like previous appraisals, MLS listings or a homeowner questionnaire. More ideal for properties which are not unique or have attributes like views, extensive site improvements, high-end finishes or architectural significance.


This appraisal is used to validate property attributes from the exterior when interior access is not available, in the cases of retrospective appraisals, if the property is no longer owned or is materially different from the requested effective date. Can be used of all property and market types.


A complete analysis appraisal with interior verification of the dwelling size and property attributes. Provides the most comprehensive valuation which can be utilized for all property types, market conditions and for all valuation applications.


Lending report option based on exterior inspection and the reliance on secondary data sources. Can be used on all property types and more ideal when property int